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Latvia: work visa - residence permit in Latvia - right to work

Working in Latvia and Europe has become even more accessible. Quick arrangement of work visa in Latvia at WORK IN Recruitment Agency within 3-4 weeks.

Our company provides job search services and arranges all the necessary documents to work in Latvia. We arrange work visas depending on the terms of the work contract (Type C) or (Type D).

WORK IN Recruitment Agency arranges Work Visas via the Consulate of Latvia in the country of official residence and/or here in Latvia, if the job seeker has arrived with a biometric passport.

In each specific case, our employees will provide the necessary assistance and clarify the list of required documents.

Documents necessary for a work visa or residence permit in Latvia:

  1. Filling out a visa application form
  2. A valid foreign or biometric passport
  3. Medical insurance valid for the entire duration of the visa
  4. Certificate of No Criminal Record
  5. A copy of the Employment Contract and an invitation from a Latvian employer
  6. Documents supporting the employee’s job experience
  7. Proof of payment of the Consular Fee for the invitation for a work visa
    (69 euros).

Terms of reviewing applications for residence permits

Applications for residence permits are reviewed within 5 to 30 working days. Depending on the situation, employees of the Latvian Embassy and the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs may request additional information.

It is important to keep in mind !!!

In order not to violate the legal stay and work in Latvia, after the expiration of the work visa, it is necessary to change the work visa for a temporary residence permit in Latvia.


Arranging visas via WORK IN Recruitment Agency

Our Recruitment Agency helps with the preparation of all the required documents. Filling out and processing migration forms, applications, advising on migration issues and employment contracts, representation in the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs and other governmental institutions.

Many companies have been working with WORK IN on an ongoing basis for many years. If you also want to hire a foreigner, please contact us by e-mail info@workin.lv