What is a headhunter?

Headhunter literally translates as “bounty hunter.” This is a person who catches real “sharks” from the “ocean” of professionals from various industries.

What kind of profession is this, who may need a headhunter, and how hard and dangerous work is it? We will delve deeper in all these issues in this article.

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An HR specialist can work alone, but in most cases, he is an employee of a recruitment company. The fact remains that there are not so many truly talented specialists. It is they who become the goal of the headhunter’s mission. Usually he works according to one of two scenarios: in the first one he has the name of a particular candidate who needs to be hired for the client’s company, in the second scenario he knows the requirements for a new employee and needs to find the right person. In the first and second case, this is the work of a real jeweller.

The headhunter studies the biography of a specialist, in addition to professional merit, he must also compare the personal qualities of the candidate with the policies of the company that wants to hire him. The headhunter should make the best offer to the specialist and as a rule he will have one chance. In the second case, the HR expert forms the image of the desired specialist. This requires a close relationship between the customer and the contractor. Then the HR expert proceeds to the phased work.

The unique candidate search process

  1. According to the given parameters, the headhunter is looking for suitable candidates.
  2. First contact with the candidate. It determines whether the HR expert will be able to make the specialist interested and whether they will have a meeting. He has only one chance to attract the candidate.
  3. Collection of information. After a series of meetings with a potential candidate, there is a final gathering of information, namely: reputation in the market, missing information in the resume, assessment of strengths and weaknesses, etc.
  4. Providing information to the customer (not more than three candidates).
  5. The decision. The customer decides who to hire.
  6. Guarantee. Gives a guarantee for the service. If for some reason the candidate stops working, the headhunter guarantees replacement at no cost within a certain time period.

What should a headhunter know?

Of course, in order to evaluate, communicate and attract highly qualified specialists, the headhunter must have the appropriate knowledge. There may be inquiries about specialists from industries such as marketing, finance, IT, science, as well as leadership positions.

For example, there is a separate direction in HR related to the selection of specialists in the field of information technology. Now it is a fast-growing industry that requires talented and promising employees. We are talking about such professions as computer linguist, software engineer, UI designer, UX analyst, JavaScript programmer, Kotlin programmer, etc.

Good specialists, as a rule, do not sit without work, they have high earnings, in this area the applicant dictates his own rules. In order to interest a candidate, firstly, one must speak his language. At the least, know that Java is not the same thing as JavaScript. Here, of course, additional training courses are needed.

How and where to look for candidates?

In addition to knowledge and experience, a professional headhunter necessarily has a creative approach to his work. A personalized approach to each candidate. In many cases, the standard methods of work will not help. If the candidate has several secretaries, getting to him through official requests is not an option. We need to think about a non-standard solution to the problem. There are many stories when specialists for whom the largest world companies were lining up agreed on a job offer at a gas station, beach or bar. The headhunter must be “flexible,” sociable, and once again creative in order to succeed. Unfortunately, this is not taught at universities. This can only be learned in practice.

Benefits of working with a headhunter

There are more advantages to using the services of a recruitment company than disadvantages. Firstly, it saves time, as an HR expert has a base, experience and understanding of the market situation, and secondly, a high level of accurate hit. Among the shortcomings is the high cost of the headhunter’s work.

How and where to look for candidates?

But do not forget that every unit is expensive. And if we are talking about a highly qualified employee, then in a very short time period the money spent on his search will pay off, in particular thanks to his productive work.

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