Protective Masks – FOR and AGAINST it

The protective masks have now become an integral attribute. Without them, it is forbidden to be in shops, workplaces, public transport, and even on the street. Modern society has divided into two camps during the pandemic, one for those who are FOR wearing masks and the other for those who refuse to wear them on principle. It can be heard from some experts that even an increase in the number of the diseased will not force “covid dissidents” to wear masks.

Many feel like being without individuality, restricted, some are just tired of fear and express their feelings in such a manner. Many doctors claim that it is due to the violation of such rules that the number of patients with coronavirus is increasing. Our article summarises the arguments FOR and AGAINST the mask regime but how to act remains in your own sense.

Difficult times cannot be survived without humor, so we have selected trends that have occurred during nine months of the pandemic. Feature: “What Is in Fashion Today?” at the end of the article.

So, let us start by arguments AGAINST wearing masks:

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the head of the department of the microbiology, virology, and immunology of the First Moscow State Medical University, named after I. M. Sechenov, Vitaly Zverev (Виталий Зверев) states that wearing masks is not only meaningless but harmful. According to him, the virus cannot survive on surfaces for 2 – 3 days, it breaks down quickly. In other words, what the mask gives to a person is only a bouquet of fungi, allergens, and bacteria that we bring home and put to our faces. Wearing a mask in the fresh air has no sense at all. It is not possible to pass the virus by observing social distance.


Now let us look at arguments FOR wearing masks:

Mask – Protector

There are statements that masks protect the rapid spread of the virus, up to 50%. Here is how it happens: saliva contains particles of the virus. While sneezing, yawning, and yes, even while simply speaking intensively, the mask protects against the spread of the infected saliva that could settle down on a surface that for the time being might be touched by a healthy person. The percentage value of the efficiency of the mask depends on its material.

Маsk – Limits Habits

By the way, have you noticed how often we touch our faces? If not, observe it. It happens when we think intensively, when we are tired or worried when we laugh, yawn, etc. That way, we try to feel our faces once more. In such a situation, the mask is the best way to refrain from touching the face unnecessarily and it reminds us that it should not be done during the pandemic, given that the virus may be transferred from our hands into the mucosa.

Mask – As a Moral Sign of Solidarity

We are all for one! For the maintenance of public order. A person wearing a mask reminds us once more that there is a particularly difficult time at present in which we can support each other by using a distinguishing mark – and so be it a mask.

Do not forget that masks can be argued endlessly, but if a person shows symptoms or has been diagnosed with coronavirus, he/she must stay at home or be hospitalized.

Feature “What Is in Fashion Today?”

But now let us look at what people have invented in the meantime to cheer each other up, diversify the impetuous everyday life, and, of course, earn money. Trends of the “Mask Season”:

In Germany, small typography has found its way out of the crisis – making of individual masks. You choose a picture of the lower part of the face (it can be your own) with a smile and it is then printed on the fabric. In this way, people become happy and protected.


Designer Jennifer Akese-Burney invented modern masks to which scarves or headbands can be matched, in this way, you will have a whole composition. Continue to be modern and healthy!

How could we, ladies, be without jewelry? Costume and jewelry designer Ann-Sofie Cochevelou invented luxurious masks. She uses jewels, chains, and unique decors. Become a work of art!

modern masks with jewellery

There is more information available saying that fashion houses are ready to help to protect humanity from a pandemic. Chanel, for example, began sewing masks and making face shields for ordinary citizens and medical personnel. Now, most people can have the opportunity to become a part of the French fashion house.

french masks

The famous Devil Fashion brand has been making accessories for motorcycle enthusiasts for a long time. In today’s realias they have become more than topical and not just for those wishing to ride a motorcycle.

ride a motorcycle mask

Another expert, American sculptor Gabriel Dishaw began to remake old brand bags into masks in the style of Star Wars. Feel like being a part of the world of heroes!

Star War mask

Ukrainian designer Julya Perekrestova began making elegant masks of eco-leather in a minimalist style. Forbes Magazine ranked her mask in the top 20 of the most creative masks.

Whereas this American designer Christian Siriano masks are made of real pearls. For exquisite ladies! Luxury must be very heavy, indeed. As you can see, the mask is attached in an unusual way!


Fashion show designers have adapted rapidly to the new reality. Modern clothing sets with respirators both in terms of colors and style – a complete sold-out!

Continue to be attractive even in complete isolation.

An original mask will allow you to avoid viruses and demonstrate individuality. Here are a few more interesting and attractive examples:

japan masks

Who said the wedding was canceled?

Here are some examples of super masks for weddings.

Each person is individually responsible for his/her own health. We are wishing everyone strong physical and psychological health!

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