Is there life after COVID-19?

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Already, many countries have begun a slow but steady exit from the emergency connected with the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people are in the streets, morning traffic jams have finally returned, cafes with street verandas open up, the usual rhythm of life returns.

But, questions soar in the air: “What was it?”, “What should we do now?”, and finally, “what will happen next?”. Many possible answers can be found now on the Internet. But, there is one indisputable fact that the world has changed and we, as well. Nothing will remain the same. This is a new post-pandemic reality. And we need to adapt to it.

From global philosophical questions we turn to the urgent problems. What shall we live on? What is going on in the labour market? What professions will be in demand?

The situation on the labour market

According to statistics,  more than one third of the world’s population have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. A little more about the situation in Latvia. In April, the number of unemployed in the country increased by 11,390, and according to the latest data published on the website of the State Employment Agency (VNA) dated April 30, 2020 – 72,917 people have the status of unemployed.

The main employment areas affected were storage and transportation, tourism, catering, real estate, manufacturing and trade, as well as finance, insurance and IT services.  According to CV-Online Latvia, a leading Latvian Internet recruitment company, in March of this year, the number of vacancies added fell by an average of 60%. And these are only the first effects. The wave of unemployment is growing.

The competition among workers in different areas is great. Accordingly, the employers in the current situation cannot offer the same working conditions as before the crisis. Salaries are diminishing, the number of jobs is declining.

More than ever, the employer now prefers candidates with many skills and ready to take on additional responsibilities. Now the labour market is in a “survival” mode and in these conditions people with initiative, active, ready to learn, adapt to the new and emotionally stable are in the price of gold. Let’s look at the most popular professions in the current situation in the world.

TOP 3 professions

top 3 professions

So, what will be the most popular professions in Latvia and in the world.

1. Digital professionals. Executive positions

According to LinkedIn reports for the current year, the demand for artificial intelligence professionals has grown by 74% over the past five years. During the pandemic, the concept of online remote work has become very popular. Those companies that were not technologically strong enough suffered heavy losses, failing to transfer work to online environment. Therefore, now the demand for digital directors, digital transformation specialists is increasing. Companies are looking for people with outstanding knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence.

Such professions as: director of digital transformations, software developer, lawyer-consultant for work on the network, operator of drones, etc., are becoming increasingly relevant. The last profession seems like originating from the world of SCI-FI. Although now these specialists are very much in demand. Drones help solve many problems faster than traditional aircraft. They are used for video filming, video monitoring, chemical processing of plants and transportation of goods.

2. Logistic company employees

More specialists will be needed in logistics. Obviously, the influx of employees into this area is already noticeable. In the context of the pandemic, the demand for online stores and contact-free delivery of orders has increased. The supply chain is more complex today than ever in human history.

During the epidemic, many manufacturing plants closed around the world and ended their partnerships with suppliers. As a result, companies now need managers to solve problems and plan for any supply chain disruptions that may arise after the pandemic. The main tasks are to manage stocks, ensure that products are manufactured with high efficiency, and look for all sorts of ways to reduce risks. We need logisticians with extensive experience and an “iron grip”. Also relevant are such particles of the larger logistic mechanism as managers, warehouse workers, drivers, etc.

3. HR Manager, HR, recruiters

You would ask, HR field? Yes, right, more than ever, the work of a recruitment manager is important. Demand for specialists is growing, there are more job seekers, and fewer jobs. There is no room for error in choosing an employee and they are needed to handle a large number of jobseeker applications.

Given the vital role of the personnel today, the professional work of a recruitment company guarantees the success of the enterprise. A talented and experienced recruiter, recruitment manager, headhunter will now help you navigate the rapidly changing situation in the labour market.

So, is there life after the pandemic?

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Of course there is. Psychologists figuratively compare our life with the ocean, in which stress is like a wave that rises when faced with something threatening. So they offer to use the wave in order to rise above the horizon and see new opportunities in life. The crisis upsets the balance, makes one leave the personal comfort zone and creates new needs that are easier to detect from the crest of the wave.

The most important thing is the speed of reaction to today’s changes! Even with current statistics, one should not panic and despair. It is better to stop and look around on vacancies.

And if it’s difficult for yourself to deal with new realities in the labour market, you can contact the employment agency, where you will find a job that you have long dreamed of. Or you can find a job yourself, but it is important to update your CV, incorporating your strengths and experience gained in recent years.

All methods are good.

There is less work, but it is still there!