Work abroad in the Netherlands - vacancies and regulations


WORK IN offers jobs to those looking for work abroad in the Netherlands
We have many different vacancies in greenhouses, factories, warehouses and construction sites in the Netherlands, we need: warehouse workers, assemblers, greenhouse workers, meat factory workers, builders, roofers, concrete workers, electricians and many more.

We offer vacancies:

  • work for young people
    without previous experience
  • work in the Netherlands for couples
  • work without language skills
  • work in the Netherlands in greenhouses,
  • work in warehouses, factories and others.

Information on working conditions

Latvian and all EU citizens are free to enter and work in the Netherlands. Latvian non-citizens are free to enter, travel and reside in the Netherlands for up to 3 months. Latvian non-citizens and third-country nationals may not work in the Netherlands without a residence permit with the right to work (work visas). WORK IN recruitment agency do not make work visas for the Netherlands.

Each employee must have an employment contract between the employer and the employee before starting work, this can be done both in writing and electronically.
An employee’s normal daily working hours may not be more than 8 hours a day or 45 hours a week.

Salary in the Netherlands

Salary: from 10-15 EUR / hour, usually paid weekly or monthly, to a bank account, as well as a Dutch Social Insurance Number (BNS).

From the age of 21, a minimum wage is set. The Dutch state reviews the minimum wage twice a year – 01.01. and 01.07.

Minimum wages are set by law and according to age group. Read about the Dutch salary here.

The Netherlands taxes

Any employee can claim a refund of overpaid taxes from the Netherlands. WORK IN offers a refund of overpaid taxes and health insurance contributions to people who have worked abroad in the Netherlands. It is worth returning taxes to those who have had an employment relationship for at least 3 months.

The average amount returned is 800 EUR. Read more about tax returns and documents.

Accommodation in the Netherlands

Homes with all amenities, furniture, internet, household appliances, 1-2 people in the room. Read more about living in the Netherlands.

Applying for vacancies

Each candidate can send their application via the VACANCIES section or come to our office. Our office helps you find a job in the Netherlands for free.

We have been working only with reliable employers for more than 10 years.

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