WORK IN offers jobs in the Netherlands

Official work in the Netherlands with a good salary and housing.

We have many different vacancies in Dutch greenhouses, factories, warehouses and construction sites, we need: 

warehouse workers, pickers, greenhouse workers, meat factory workers, builders, roofers, concrete workers, electricians and many more.

Accommodation: usually at home with all amenities, furniture, internet, household appliances free of charge, 1-2 people per room. 

Salary: from 10-15 EUR / hour, usually paid once a week or monthly to a bank account, a social security number is issued.

Transport to work: Many employers provide vehicles free of charge or provide a car for those with a driving license.

Each candidate can send their application through the VACANCIES section or come to our office. Our office helps to prepare all documents for work in Sweden we only work with reliable employers.