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Personnel selection for work abroad 

Recruitment agency WORK IN in Latvia offers recruitment services for work abroad. This type of personnel selection includes the full cycle of personnel selection. Depending on your demands for a particular vacancy, we search and select those candidates that are suitable for professional and personal qualities you are looking for.

We Work Simply

According to your desired parameters, we create and publish job advertisements, review feedback of the applicants, select candidates suitable for you. In case of small number of candidates, we search actively on the – Internet databases and other available sources. Recruitment agency’s WORK IN candidates are selected, interviewed, checked and ready to make an interview with you. All terms and  conditions are agreed individually.

 Service includes:

  • The evaluation of a vacant position;
  • Professional and for the vacant position adequate drawing up of a job advertisement;
  • Posting of job advertisements not more than on 3 job seeking websites;
  • Evaluation of CV and motivation letters received;
  • Sorting of CV;
  • Telephone interviews;
  • Interviews with candidates – testing of competence;
  • Testing of candidates;
  • Testing by an employer (if necessary);
  • Checking of the feedback of the final candidates;
  • Preparation of documents for 3 candidates, CV, interviews and test results (by request);
  • Arrangement of meeting between a candidate and an employer (personal, via the Internet, by phone);
  • Informing candidates of the main points of an employment contract;
  • Organisation of signing the employment contract;
  • Arrangement and execution of all documents needed for going abroad;
  • Assistance for candidates in purchasing of tickets. To create a trip route;
  • Arrangement of meeting abroad (if necessary);
  • Arrangement of accommodation (if necessary).

business benefits

Cooperation Benefits:

  • Fees: An exact payment is calculated individually after negotiations and it is dependent on the level of complexity of the vacancy, urgency, the length of warranty period and exclusiveness of cooperation.
  • Warranty: Standard warranty period for candidates, who have started to work, till 30 days. Warranty period for every order is determined individually.
    If the entity breaks off the cooperation with the candidate during  the period of warranty, regardless who was an initiator of abandonment, free replacement of the candidate is offered.
  • Speed: Recruitment and personnel selection agency WORK IN attempts to find the candidate as soon as possible, if it does not affect the quality of personnel selection. We do not guarantee that we will find a candidate per one day or ‘’for yesterday’’, because it is a certain process, but we will make all efforts to complete the process of personnel selection for 101%.


  • Warranty period is 30 days, in which we undertake to offer replacement of an employee if the employee is dismissed because of his fault or has not fulfilled the probation period. It is  agreed individually.
  • If any candidate is not found in a month, the selection period is prolonged for one month.

3 Advantages:

  1. Time: Optimum charges and economy of your time;
  2. Right candidates: Only those candidates, which are selected, interviewed and suitable for your demands;
  3. Guarantee:  up to 30 days for replacement of the candidate.

If you need professional personnel selection services please call us or send us an application.

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