Northern European Recruitment Agency

About company

WORK IN is a leading Northern European recruitment agency dedicated to providing different employment solutions. WORK IN fully supports companies that are searching for top quality workers and specialists, regardless of their physical location. 

WORK IN is an international recruitment agency, which provides workforce to employers in Europe and across the world. WORK IN provides people with permanent and temporary contract employment on a daily basis.

our team

About us

Our history

WORK IN agency was created in 2010 in Northern Europe with a head office in Riga, Latvia. Departments of WORK IN are located in Latvia and other European countries from which the agency employs the best candidates. WORK IN recruitment agency has a stable leading position among Latvia’s recruitment service providers. 

Our team

The agency's recruitment specialists and recruiters are HR professionals with more than 10 years of experience. We can help you find employees quickly and easily!


We specialize in industries: IT, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Medicine, Construction, Hotels, Agriculture, Domestic staff and others.

Vision, mission, strategy

Our misson

We are here to solve the recruitment problems of employers.

We are here to combine the interests of a job seeker and an employer.

Our vision

To find valuable staff for companies in a short time.

To provide a high level recruitment service.

Our business strategy

In order to achieve long-term goals, WORK IN implements a strategy, the main priorities of which are close cooperation with employers, this activity is aimed at making it easier to find a job, filling employer vacancies with motivated, loyal employees.

Our 3 core values

Responsibility: We are responsible to job seekers and partners.

Simplicity and speed: We strive to make complex things quick and easy, based on the principle: “Don’t put off tomorrow the work you can do today!”

Honesty: We are honest with job seekers and partners.

These core values are reflected in the day-to-day operations of our agency: in our work, behavior, actions and attitudes towards job seekers, employers, clients, colleagues, managers and society.