Low cost personnel selection

It is a cheap alternative for personnel selection, which is made especially for clients, who wish to economy and do not need the full personnel selection service that is prescribed in Classic personnel selection. Meanwhile, this service is suitable for those employers, for whom vacancy is quite simple, there is a possibility of very large amount of sent CV, and we offer to spare your time for sorting and processing all CV. We will only select those CV, which are suitable for your vacancy.

Trust this work to professionals.

 Service includes:

•    Evaluation of a vacant position;
•    Professionally made up a job advertisement that is adequate for the vacant position;
•    Placement of the job advertisement on www.workin.lv in a VIP position;
•   Publishing of the job advertisement on job seeking websites and social networks;
•   Sending CV of the selected candidates and suitable for a client (The amount of CV is dependent on a vacancy and is agreed individually);
•    At client’s request, interviews are organised in the client’s company.


•    Minimal expenses and economy of time;
•    Evaluation of only selected and adequate CV;
•    Feedback about the amount of CV received after publishing the advertisement.

Employers can submit their vacancies by sending a vacancy application to info@workin.lv  or via phone +37122479424


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