Accommodation and living homes in the Netherlands, Holland

WORK IN provides well-equipped accommodation for all our job seekers. Accommodation with all amenities: water, gas, electricity, Internet, home appliances, cutlery. 

Smoking at home is prohibited. Bed linen must be taken.

Here you can find our provided homes in the Netherlands. All accommodation is supported additionally to our vacancies.

Prices in Holland

The cost of housing in Holland from the WORK IN recruitment agency is not high, average European, ranging from 70-100 euros per week, depending on the city, region. When an employee arrives from the country not to pay rent in advance, it is usually deducted from his salary.

Food prices in Holland

The cost of food is different, there are shops that are cheap, like LIDL, where you can stock up on 100 euros for a few weeks or at a higher price.

Job search and living in the Netherlands, Holland

If you are searching for a job in Holland, please apply for vacancies firstly.

We accept only EU citizen applications due we do not provide any visas for non- EU citizens for work in the Netherlands.

See all our vacancies and apply.

Living conditions in the Netherlands, Holland