Classic personnel selection 

WORK IN Recruitment Agency offers classic personnel selection with face-to-face interviews – this type of personnel selection includes the full cycle of personnel selection. By taking into consideration your demands for a particular vacancy, we search and select candidates, which are suitable for your prescribed professional and personal qualities. Classical personnel selection includes the search of personnel on the public Internet sources.

In correspondence with your parameters, we compose and publish vacancies, review applicant’s feedback, choose candidates that are suitable for you. If there is a lack of candidates, we do active search overall Internet database and other available sources.
The candidates are selected, interviewed, tested and ready to negotiate with you.

Selection of managers, IT specialists, administration staff and others.

Service includes:

•    Evaluation of a vacant position;
•    Professional and adequate for the vacant position composition of a job advertisement;
•    Placement of job advertisements on in a VIP position;
•    Evaluation of CV and cover letters received;
•    Sorting of CV;
•    Telephone interviews with candidates;
•    Interviews with candidates, competency test;
•    Testing of candidates;
•    Testing by an employer (if necessary);
•    Checking feedback about the final candidates;
•   Preparation of documents for the final candidates, CV, interviews and test results (at request), etc.;
•    Arrangement of meetings between candidates and employers.


•  Warranty period is from 30 until 90 days, in which we undertake to offer replacement of an employee, if the employee is dismissed because of his fault or has not fulfilled the probation period. It is agreed individually.
•   If no candidate is found within a month, the selection period is prolonged for one month.


•    Minimal expenses and economy of time;
•    Only those candidates, which are selected, interviewed and adequate for your needs;
•    Warranty time until 3 months for replacement of the candidate;
•    Complete confidentiality.

Employers can submit their vacancies by sending an application to